Virtuoso (2014)


“Virtuoso” is a music app for iPhone, designed and programmed by myself. It is available on appstore.

The Interface is based on a combination of multitouch- and accelerometer-input, which suggests a gestural, bodily control of the app: by moving the Iphone around in all directions, whilst holding down one or multiple fingers to the screen, the user can control and manipulate five different synthesizers. The 5 synthesizers generates abstract electronic sounds by 5 different synthesis techniques: additive-, physical modeling-, FM-, subtractive-, and granular-synthesis.

While playing with the app, thereby activating up to 5 different sounds one by one, the user at the same time generates a 15-second musical composition and a simple piece of graphic design on the screen from a built-in algorithmic composition setup. When the user releases the fingers from the screen, this composition will play with the selected sounds and graphics.

Thus – “Virtuoso” can be called an instrument, an interactive composition and a graphic artpiece in one: a new kind of digital Gesamtkunstwerk, which the user can operate on his/her own Iphone – like the classical music virtuoso playing in a “symbiotic”, sensuous interaction with his/her instrument.

For further information, read this interview I did for Rudiger Meyer of Danish Composers Society.

“Virtuoso” was launched on the 30th of october 2014, at a release event in Nikolaj Kunsthal (Copenhagen). At this event, the percussionist Ying-Hsueh Chen did a musical performance showcasing “Virtuoso”, followed by an artist talk between me and Danish electronic music-grand old man, composer Fuzzy. Later Ying-Hsueh Chen has performed with Virtuoso at several occasions in Denmark and abroad – look at this spectacular performance from a concert at the Copenhagen venue Christianshavns beboerhus, 22nd of november 2014:

“Virtuoso” is curated by the artists group Haandholdt


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